Richard Firth-Godbehere

Monday, July 1 2013 at 7:30PM

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Church Place
W5 4HN

Richard Firth-Godbehere

What's the talk about?

'I Know in my Heart There is no God'.  Many people claim to have personal relationship with God that allows them to know, 'in their hearts', that God is real. In this talk, Richard will use psychology and the history of emotions to show that most people's understanding of what emotions are is wrong, and that the very idea of God being felt 'in the heart' is an overhang from history. Instead, these feelings are part of our tendency to project an 'essence' onto external objects and our deep, innate need to belong.

Richard Firth-Godbehere is self-described 'Historical Emotionographer'  (he writes about emotions in history using a combination of psychology, anthropology, linguistics, sociology and various strands of history) and proponent of digital humanities, who has contributed to The Skeptic magazine, The Pod Delusion and elsewhere in print, online and in public. Sometime blogger (when he finds the time) and once host of 'The Skeptical Experience', he is currently at the University of Cambridge researching into 'Aversion, Abomination and Disgust in Early Modern Medicine'.