Isn't Ealing part of London?

People in Ealing have a strong local identity as well as loving being part of the world's greatest city. The population of Ealing is comparable with places like Leicester and Cardiff, while being a drop in London's ocean.

How did this start?

On a train from Ealing to TAM London in October 2010, a few of us got takling and decided that it would be good to have SitP in Ealing.

How do I find out more?

Watch this space. Look at other groups' sites (and go to their events).

Do I have to pay to come to Ealing SitP?

We'll ask for a donation of £3 during the interval but please feel free to give more if you feel like it or nothing if you can't afford it. This is to cover our speakers' expenses and to pay for the equipment we've bought. If we ever start making a profit we'll ask you how we should spend it: donate it to a charity? sponsor someone to go to QED? buy everyone a beer?

*The FA bit is conjecture, unless you count the fact that I've asked myself these many times.



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